Thursday, February 26, 2009

Collaboration with Area 105

"How do you do Miss Deer"
Collabs with Area105

Tony asked me, the high resolution file of this sketch. he said to me if he wanted to make a collaboration with my sketch. I think he want to combining it with his style. Then, of course absolutely I agree. During I become his friend, this is my first collaboration with him ha...ha...ha...*ups sorry om Ton*. Finally, the sketch of "How do you do Miss Deer" was done with the taste of area 105. The result is look really wonderful, minimalist but remain to colorful. I really proud because finally I can collaboration with him.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Commission: February on Sale Kosmo Factory Outlet

The current week I already finish one commission work for the Kosmo Factory Outlet Jogja "February on Sale", they wish to make a the campaign for this event here I make this February event has seen freshly and pop.

Banner design - February on Sale
Kosmo Factory Outlet Jogjakarta

From survey which I do the customer a lot of young clan specially young woman having unique life style and a little bit bohemian, though this market in fact concentrated to family, but exactly family very minim can be spelled out members only 20-30%. And because that reason, I make the campaign to 70% from their customer who shopping at that place.

Hanging banner design - February on Sale
Kosmo Factory Outlet Jogjakarta

In this commission work I want to be impress by change the atmosphere, hence there are some new element in it. You can see it, not? I used some element of geometry and contrast of color with a half high saturation

Advertisement of newspaper design - February on Sale
Kosmo Factory Outlet Jogjakarta

For the advertisement of newspaper intentionally be made by more elegant and glamorous, I make the font look bling - bling and reduction some supporter element, but still in one union.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nu Artwork for WOW#4 (sumbission)

First, I 'm very happy because two of my artwork there's in wow # 4. It's true only submission but because a life time ago I do not keep abreast of the e-zine and because my style in commutation also, I feel to make proper the pride when my new style has appreciation. Two artwork which I submit in wow # 4 representing new artwork and have never confessed to publicize previously, and one artwork again entitling how do you do miss deer? have confessed to print in calendar format 2009

waiting for the melting moon
This artwork is talk about, no hope and the hopeless and enjoyment in awaiting something that do not surely. The figure I take from my old sketch. I try to make a new composite again by style newly , I was combining with a few decorator element and I intentionally make the impression surealism and bleak in this artwork

waiting for the melting moon

pool site pin up
I make the composition fresher by using a combination of contrast color. In this artwork I try to eliminate some element in previous artwork so that impress more fresh and far from fantasy impression, it's just like illustration in poster format

pool site pin up

hopefully all of you like
see and download also wow#4 at

Friday, February 6, 2009

My sketch, my basic, my precious

All early from a sketch.
This very valuable object for me, is the basic from every artwork which I've made . In consequence, I remain to saving my entire sketch, after I scanned and becoming the digital file in my PC. I never forget to collect them in an archives album.

sketch 0.1
Basic illustration from Pool site pin up

submission wow #4

sketch 0.2
Basic illustration from Welcome to the champ au naturel
JF calendar 2009 support by Territory magazine

sketch 0.2
Basic illustration from How do you do miss deer?
imadawwas calendar 2009 and print on tees
FIX graphic artist merchandise

One day I wish to expose my sketch in one album project. And now you all can see it in my page, at my gallery of Behance

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Third: My Best Friend Wedding


wedding card design
tribute to Putrie & Danan

Konsep save the planet and get married to day ini datang dari mereka. Entah apa yang melatar belakanginya, namun aku mencoba membantu untuk mewujudkannya dalam bentuk dan komposisi desain undangan pernikahan yang terkesan fun namun outputnya tetap formal.

Mereka tidak mau memajang foto ataupun inisial, karakter desain gak mau kalo ilustrasinya ber sulur-sulur, *waduh padahal itu hobbyku he he he* vector -vector gitu deh, warna flat, kombinasi warna pastel, bentuk-bentuk ikonik , et voila... yang diatas tadi adalah hasilnya.

Terimakasih karena banyak yang memuji, terimakasih Danan dan Putri karena mampu memaksaku mendesain karakter yang berbeda.

thanks for Putri & Danan
ternyata kalian foto prewedding juga, huh!