Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yellow Head Kids The Series

Children Illustration series of Yellow Head monster by Ima Dawwas
//About the little monster :
Yellow Head represent the character which I make and now I try to make it become the figure of children illustration. Yellow Head is a little monster having a lot of activity with his friends, playing at and learn of. Now he come in 3 pcs artwork, first when he take a photograph with me, but there he was gived a toothless smile. In a second artwork, he look enjoying the last supper with his monsters friend. At last, the enthusiastic fully moment when he make a wish at his anniversary. Lets enjoy the artwork, please :)

Me and toothless monster

The last supper
available in Deviant print at http//

Make a wish
available in Deviant print at http//

I hope you like the series and
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Friday, February 22, 2008


Untuk memeriahkan show up karya teman-teman Jogja Force yang besok Sabtu tgl 23 Februari 2008 bikin acara creative sharing bareng anak-anak ADVY jogja. Karya Digital imaging ini sesuai tema yang diberikan design for club, aku bikin dengan menggabungkan karya illustrasi model *karya lama nih, akhirnya kepake juga* dengan bola diskonya thomas dian, teksture dari stockexchance dan smoke dari (de)focused geek. Karya ini bersifat pribadi dan eksperimental dan hanya di publikasikan di situs saya dan show up karya bersama Jogja Force *tidak di komersialkan*

let see the work!

//title: disko vol. 01 delicious night lovers
made in Adobe Photoshop Cs combined illustration by imadawwas,
photograph; mika, disco ball by thomas dian,
teksture from stockexchance.

//title: disko vol. 02 Girl Nigt Out
sumbit in
made in Adobe Photoshop Cs combined illustration by imadawwas,
tiphography by imadawwas
photograph; mika, disco ball by thomas dian,
smoke by (de)focused geek, teksture from stockexchance.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


let me say, happy valentine for you all!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Framed my work

My work gonna be framed by digital collage, let see the complete series. Available on deviantart print.

Work info : illustration made by manual drawing , coloring and digital collage on Photoshop Cs. Please Enjoy the series :).

//original "Selfish Mary"

//framed version "Selfish Mary"
available on deviantart print

//original red hair cabaret

//framed version "Red hair cabaret"

Artist series for Green Bean Project

Hellooow every body, this week Astraunotboys with his Project called Green Bean *artist series* invite me to join in this edition. The project will be coming in February, Me together with 3 artist from other country. If you wanna know about the information or wanna get the button please contact him in, you can find him on my link :). Thanks for appreciated

//the series of button.
title : "unworthy?" (is she weird?)

//the original work

//another; original work *type*