Friday, May 30, 2008

Second commission; Kosmo Factory Outlet

this is the original artwork before revision
This is the second artwork for commission with client Kosmo Factory Outlet. The FO want to tell and show about the new concept, but I think not a really new concept, I'm not sure because it's not simple to build it with no understanding about the brand concept. I look this company didn't do it. it just reopen with new products for calling the older costumers to do shopping and shopping again but not to remembered the brand. but it's Ok!, for me the important is my work become a cover and it hanging on a big billboard, that's more just enough for this client haha...

For this time the client wants to make a billboard and advertisement on newsletter for information if the FO comeback again with the new concept. the FO want to tell the audience if they more elegant, now and different from others, look stylish and up to date ***what that's means?***. So, I start to work with my style of course and you know, a lot of patterns, sketch and finally I think they like it, they like my work, ***with the revision of course, hahaha...just deleting the raindrops falling, because it's no good says feng shui ***. But don't worry, you can look my original design here, on the top. I was submitted in DA before. And here the final ... ups the files corrupt wait a moment please! haha sorry, ehm ... now this the final

design for billboard

design for advertisement on newsletter

this is the billboard

this is the baliho design
design and lay out by thoms, just put the ornament
from the original design
then he redesigned with his style