Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nu Artwork for WOW#4 (sumbission)

First, I 'm very happy because two of my artwork there's in wow # 4. It's true only submission but because a life time ago I do not keep abreast of the e-zine and because my style in commutation also, I feel to make proper the pride when my new style has appreciation. Two artwork which I submit in wow # 4 representing new artwork and have never confessed to publicize previously, and one artwork again entitling how do you do miss deer? have confessed to print in calendar format 2009

waiting for the melting moon
This artwork is talk about, no hope and the hopeless and enjoyment in awaiting something that do not surely. The figure I take from my old sketch. I try to make a new composite again by style newly , I was combining with a few decorator element and I intentionally make the impression surealism and bleak in this artwork

waiting for the melting moon

pool site pin up
I make the composition fresher by using a combination of contrast color. In this artwork I try to eliminate some element in previous artwork so that impress more fresh and far from fantasy impression, it's just like illustration in poster format

pool site pin up

hopefully all of you like
see and download also wow#4 at

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Adarsh Kaur said...

Hola, he llegado a traves del blog de Sandra Nacsimento y me ha gustado mucho tu trabajo. Eres una excelente ilustradora y con muchisima fuerza en lo que expresas.
Te felicito.