Friday, February 6, 2009

My sketch, my basic, my precious

All early from a sketch.
This very valuable object for me, is the basic from every artwork which I've made . In consequence, I remain to saving my entire sketch, after I scanned and becoming the digital file in my PC. I never forget to collect them in an archives album.

sketch 0.1
Basic illustration from Pool site pin up

submission wow #4

sketch 0.2
Basic illustration from Welcome to the champ au naturel
JF calendar 2009 support by Territory magazine

sketch 0.2
Basic illustration from How do you do miss deer?
imadawwas calendar 2009 and print on tees
FIX graphic artist merchandise

One day I wish to expose my sketch in one album project. And now you all can see it in my page, at my gallery of Behance


Lia said...

mbak, you're so very talented...sirik banget :)

jagat said...
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jagat said...

awesome...ajariiii, hhe