Friday, January 16, 2009

WE AGAINST WAR : humanity project

create by bloodykirka for all deviant members

as we all know that there is war going on now and it has been 21 days and we never know when it will ends, war has always took lotsa victims not just from the military or th
e target but also the innocent civillian like babies, children, and other civillians..

maybe we can not do much about this to prevent or stop this war but we can still speak through our arts to speak our sense of humanity.

for that everyone invited in this art project for humanity in any form of arts, because we must show
to the world that any kind of occupation has to be erased and the war should not happens.. through this arts we're not only presenting individuals or specific country but we're presenting our side of humanity..

for showing our rejectness to any kind of war and violences let's together
e arts and submit it collectively on 17th of january 2009 with the same deviation title which is "WE AGAINST THE WAR" to show them that we're together strongly refused the war!

best wishes for the world we're living.


... and there's mine and other art works submitted in 17th January 2009

we againts war
(save our children - save our world )

we againts war
by bloodykirka

we againts war
by balung

we againts war
by judgess

we againts war
by blackcatdead

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Welcome to The Champ au Naturel

welcome to the champ au naturel
artwork for jogjaforce calendar 2009

This artwork is made for the jogjaforce's calendar 2009 and supported by territory magazine. with the theme green, this calendar wish to following the contribute and also campaigning about the issue of global warming which in this time a lot of voiced by world citizen. There's 12 masterpiece from some artist of jogjafoce ( inclusive of this artwork) which merged into the calendar 2009 in high resolution format which can download at

Monday, January 5, 2009

How do you do Miss Deer (it's a make over work)

from my t-shirt design, I make over become a new artwork with the combination of new elements. I try to combining the elements of manual drawing with a touch of digital finishing. and this is its result

How do you do Miss Deer?the artwork which have in make over.

and become the calendar 2009.
you can save as this image for your desktop

and also... free print calendar
as bonus of purchasing of t-shirt Fix.
Happy New Year 2009
for you all my
guest blog !!

Tees for Fix graphic artist merch

tees design for FIX graphic artist merch

As year opener 2009 I asked by Fix graphic artist merch to make an illustration on his first t-shirt product, along with some illustrator and designer like the Ipung gift, Gilang And Zevanya. All of us are beginner, so I think this is a good enough opportunity to depict the idealism masterpiece we are in the form of product. and fix is one other will give that facility to us.

the original artwork

This Artwork is a new look, I try to develop the style, I feel I have to innovate it cause I think I have felt bored. I have also used this style in two previous event. the response is positive then hence I thirst for explore of it farther, and this as acquaintanceship format of hearer about what is my artwork new look. Deliriously all of you can enjoy it

For more information about the product, you can visit the Fix store at