Monday, June 2, 2008

Collaboration with Thomas's Father

This time I try to make a collabotation with Thomas's Father his name Pak Agus. He loved to draw and most of he like is drawing the woman figure. Self-educated and always drawing in every day on spare time to against time in a period of pension. First time I see the father drawing not yet as perfect as this, but father always enquire to me about technique the way of drawing and always ask me to criticize his drawn. Sometimes I also have to correct part of shares seen bizzare, lose looks and impress to be forced. Father have never desisted to learn, he was tell me out if he like to draw since still be young. Some painting looks hanging on the wall with the patch up substance and frame, piquancy from father is he like to drawing the hooded woman and a half naked woman. That is something very contrast, but exactly that's the unique from Pak Agus.

This time I try to tilling, two picture with the different character like what I tell you previously, that is sexy woman and hooded woman. Here, I only enhance the element with a few ornamen and then I colour it, lay out some part and adorn it become the artwork according to my style and you can see that two artwork of mine, hereunder! Very beautiful that's it? Now, who's enthusiastic for make a collaboration with him?

tittle: rainbow

tittle: siti maryam

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