Sunday, June 1, 2008

Beautiful Allergy by Imadawwas

Don't be sad
Beautyful Allergy by Imadawwas

Almost Famous
Beautyful Allergy by Imadawwas
This is an introduction session from Beautiful Allergy is the brand by Imadawwas for artwork on t-shirt, first time this t-shirt will be produce but because I have no a lot of time hence produce of my t-shirt is pending. But all these not reduce my intention to make a functional artwork, and one day when I look on the exhibition of black urban art I find the curio. This is a fabric deco t-shirt marker, which assitive me make some artwork above the t-shirt. The concept remain to about woman. Beautiful Allergy likely this the way of I interpret the beautiful word and in fact about beauty, and this t-shirt is my representation masterpiece for that's word.

This t-shirt of Beautiful Allergy I make like an artwork, only one each t-shirt differ the picture of, because this is an artwork. Sometimes I also sell it. Because I make only one limited artwork on t-shirt, it will become rather costly, I sell it about Rp 85.000 precisely Rp 84.900 including the t-shirt ***word of feng shui number nine which make it in luck ha ha***, if the picture is more complex, the price will be more be costly. But for enthusiastic all of you, you can request to me draw what all of you like, you also can bring the t-shirt by your self.

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